• How We Help

    Agile Transformation

    Is your agile transformation stalled? Do you need a champion to kickstart your agile adoption? Our team has numerous successful transformations under their belt. We're here to help you succeed too!

    Team Acceleration

    Great teams build great products. Great teams are hard to find and even harder to maintain. Our proven methods of recruiting, growing, and evolving teams can help you succeed.

    Technology Evolution

    How much technology debt do you have? Do you need to migrate into the cloud? Our experts have replaced dozens of legacy products and migrated numerous systems into the cloud. We'll help you do the same.

  • Why Choose Us

    Decades of building teams that build great products teaches you a lot of lessons. Use our experience to accelerate your company's success. Our services range from agile maturity assessments to operating as your CTO. We're here to power your technology evolution.

    Any Industry or Technology

    Every industry is powered by software, and building great software products and teams has become the lifeblood of corporate success. We've tackled mobile, big data, large scale SaaS, and we've done it in industries from entertainment to insurance.

    No Silver Bullets

    Your business is unique. It deserves an optimized application of frameworks and methodologies to suit your needs. We've implemented SAFe, SCRUM, Spotify, and countless other frameworks successfully.

    Big and Small

    We've built teams with under a dozen engineers to hundreds employees across multiple disciplines. Whether you need everyone co-located or have a global team spanning multiple offices, we've been there and done that. We help your teams succeed no matter the size or location.

  • Need Some Proof For Your Pudding?

    We don't just make crazy claims about what we can do. Our coaches are practitioners that bring a long list of accomplishments to fuel your organization's success. Take a look at some of our highlights from the careers of our coaches.

    Grow from 1 to 30 engineers. Ship 5 new products. Do it in less than 12 months.

    A revolutionary process fueling multiple teams on a rocket ship of success

    Growing a team from 1 engineer to 30 in one year is hard enough. How about shipping 5 new products at the same time? Not a problem. Through a lean implementation of multiple agile frameworks (dubbed The Agile Donut), this team grew to over 100 engineers spread across the globe continuing to ship amazing products. Companies from all over the world came to visit, learn, watch, and study the Agile Donut.

    A product and company re-ignited.

    Reviving a product and company that deteriorated to the point of freezing sales

    It's bad news when a company decides to stop selling their product for a full year. On-boarding new customers became so cumbersome and buggy that the company couldn't bear to add even one more. Then we arrived. Establishing proper engineering processes, architectural approaches/guidelines, and hiring amazing engineers reduced an on-boarding process from 8 months to 1 week. Oh, and we saved the company hundreds of thousands in operating costs while we were at it...

    Global agile in the face of adversity & disbelief.

    Deploying agile in a global organization when everyone said it couldn't be done

    Imagine a multi-billion dollar company with decades of success in the hardware business. Let's pretend that same company decides to go all-in on software, and they want to try this agile thing out.  Unfortunately, the world of waterfall permeates everything they do (including growing into a multi-billion dollar company).  We implemented agile with so much success that it turned into an "agile roadshow" as we travelled across the globe educating the rest of the organization on how they too could thrive with agile.

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    "It's really neat to see how this group has grown. Lot's of great coaching goes on here for FREE! You would usually have to pay thousands of dollars for this advice!!!" - Twitch Viewer

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