• About Us

    Learn a little about who we are and why we do what we do

    What's up with that name?

    It's more than just a 4 character domain name

    We like a name with meaning, so we searched and searched to find that perfect fit. "Kazi" translates as "work" in Swahili, and that encapsulates everything we do. Our mission of making your work life better tomorrow than it is today drives us. What better way to encapsulate that than naming ourselves after what we do!?

    Where else can I find content from kazi?

    Podcasts, conferences, and meetups. Oh my!

    The easiest place to find us is on The Meta-Cast, a podcast dedicated to helping agile teams succeed. After you listen to every episode, start looking around at some of the larger agile conferences and you'll find Josh on the speaking circuit. We also like to pop into local meetups whenever we get a chance. Keep your eyes peeled!

    Who crazy idea was all of this?

    A little inspiration with a lot of perspiration

    With a little help from his friends, Josh Anderson used the lessons he learned through a half dozen agile transformations and building dozens of teams as the spark for kazi. With a goal of helping as many organizations realize their full potential, Josh brings the leadership and inspiration needed for your success.

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